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Our Mission

Inirgee.com strives to:

  • maintain the largest variety of LED light strings year-round
  • bring practical and innovative energy solutions to the marketplace
  • educate our customers about energy related issues
  • help our customers save money while reducing their impact on the environment
  • promote the use of renewable energy sources
  • introduce new and unique products frequently
  • maintain a fun and unique selection of quality gifts for all tastes and ages

Our People

Founder: Bill Harris, Jr.

President: Gregory Thomas Tsao (or just "Tom")

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
Comments from the President, G. Tom Tsao

At Inirgee.com, we strive to find products which are both unique and of very high quality. We also want these products to save you money. You will often find that our prices are higher than seemingly-comparable products, but you will always find a better value at Inirgee.com.

For instance, many of our LED light strings are Forever Bright (tm) brand and Guaranteed for three years. Lesser-quality products cannot have such a strong guarantee. You will find many knock-offs of our Forever Bright(tm) lights, but you won't find the same quality. The differences are in the details, such as color-matched LEDs, sealed bulbs that won't let moisture in, long 70-light strings, end-to-end plugs, no power transformer required, UL rating, etc.

We also carry many other brands, each having characteristics which make them better than what you find a most stores. Some of our lights have Full-Wave technology, crystal-clear seamless bulbs, larger gauge wire, threaded connectors, brighter LEDs, unique colors such as Aqua and Peach, the list is vast.

Also, and I know of no other company that does this, we usually buy sample products of everything we intend to sell, then abuse them sufficiently such that we are certain the products will endure more than the regular wear-and-tear expected during their useful lifetime. If a product doesn't survive the abuse-test, we don't carry it in our regular line (you might find it in the discount department, but we will never attempt to sell you a consumer-grade product as if it were top-quality). Remember, I am a consumer, too. And I can't stand it when a store tries to pass off poor quality as "excellent." Do you remember your parents owning something of a particular brand which was known for its quality, but then when you bought one for yourself, the brand was the same but the quality was disappointing? Sadly, so many of the "Name Brands" have recently sold out their good names just to make an easy buck at a big box store.

At Inirgee, we give you worry-free purchasing and a happy, safe experience in online shopping.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with a product you bought from us, you may return it for refund or credit. Email us for authorization before you return any purchase so we know to watch for it (otherwise your return may get lost in the flurry of activity here in the warehouse and office).
  • We give you 10 days to decide if you love your purchase. Keep the original packaging 'til then because any returns must be in re-saleable condition or we cannot issue refund or credit. See our Return Policy.
  • We want your feedback (and we actually read it). Send your comments to: tom@inirgee.com. As you can imagine, I get tons of email. If you want a personal response, please request it. Otherwise, please know that I appreciate your comments. I want to hear any compliments, complaints, ideas, or notification of any dead links or site failures. Thanks very much!

ForeverBright(tm) LED lights Guarantee

Special Orders
There is much more available from Inirgee.com than what's listed on our website! We happily accept special requests. Sometimes customers want an item that we do not stock. We can special order the item, and place it in stock or have it drop-shipped right from our supplier.

Many people have contacted us to find unique or rare items or to fill a particular lighting need. We are always happy to take on challenges and we will do our best to help you find what you need. However, please plan your time accordingly. Special orders can rarely be filled overnight. Plan ahead so you won't be disappointed.


All images on this website are owned by us, purchased by us, or we have received specific permission to use them, or we believe them to be in the public domain. We do not steal images and respectfully request others to follow suit.

If we expect our customers to trust us, then we should be honest in all transactions. This includes paying for the software, graphics and services we use to bring you our products.

Our other web domains

Inirgee has several web domains, all of which eventually end up at one place. But you may choose one of your liking just because it may be easier to remember (and spell) than "Inirgee.com" or "ImaginaryColours.com".


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