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MR16 Red, Green, Blue
MR16 Red, Green, Blue

Amber - MR16 LED Spot Lamp


Our Low-voltage LED bulbs use 80-90% less energy (only 2 watts) than conventional MR16 20 watt halogen bulbs and burn for 5+ years. 6-24 Volts DC. Not Dimmable.
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Item # LMR16005
Amber Low-voltage Designer LED MR16 spot lamps perform beautifully when used to provide accent lighting or when highlighting something specific such as a painting (perfect for track lighting). They are ideal for applications requiring intense colors with very little heat generation. They can be installed in most fixtures where you have existing MR16 halogen or incandescent bulbs. However, their shape is different and may not fit exactly the same as the standard MR16 bulbs. They are designed to be aesthetically more attractive than regular MR16 bulbs in exposed-bulb installations. See the photo.

Try one to see how it works in your fixture. If it's right, order more. If not, return it to us. You risk only S&H costs.

This product is not dimmable. If you want dimmable low-voltage MR16 bulbs, please look for products beginning with DIM in their part numbers.

Important feature:
Unique to this line of bulbs is the variable beam angle. With the addition of a Light Prescription(tm) diffuser,(link opens in new window) you can go from tight 2-degree spot, to soft 80-degree wide angle or anywhere between, including "cat eye" diffusers.

Energy Efficient - only 2 watts per lamp
MR16/GU5 base
Expected longevity - white 5+ years (color 10+ years)
Low Heat - face is cool to the touch; base will be warm, not hot
Indoor/Outdoor in appropriate fixtures
Interchangeable diffusers available in degree angles: 2, 4, 10, 16, 25, 50, 80, plus 2x70 and 10x60 "cat eye" lenses
Variable Voltage: 6-24 Volts DC


Landscape Accent
Art Highlights
Ambient Backdrops
Display Case Accents
Wall Washing
Cove Lighting
Column Lights
Pathway Lighting
Plant Lights
Architectural Accents
Amusement Park Accents
Stairway Lighting

Make this lamp warm white with a 3800- or 4500-degrees-Kelvin Filter. Click here and scroll to the bottom.

MR16 LED lamps are also available in Red, Blue, Green, and Amber.