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Gum drop amber
Gum drop amber

Amber Gumdrop G20 LED--One Dozen light strings


Save 10% on a Dozen Sugared Gum drop light strings - 25 lights per set
25-Light LED Gum Drops light string has brilliant color that is truly beautiful!

This set is Amber or some might call it Orange. They are perfect for decorating for the holidays or use them in your home decor arrangements!

The Gum Drop lights look like balls of candy which have been rolled in the sugar bowl.

These technologically advanced light emitting diode (LED) holiday lights use 80-90% less energy than conventional mini-lights

25 bulbs
12.5' long
4" Lead, 4" Tail
Piggyback one end
120v ac
.02 amps
2.4 watts
Commercial grade
GKI Brand