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Flag rope incandescent
Flag rope incandescent

Flag rope incandescent 3
Flag rope incandescent 3

American Flag Display


American Flag Rope Light Display
Item #FLA6506-3

This American Flag display is made of incandescent rope lights (these are not LED lights!) It measures about 28" x 16" and contains about 360 lights.

The flag silhouette appears to be waving (this is not a motion display) and is perfect for your Fourth of July display, or any other patriotic event. The rope is colored red, white, and blue and the lights are visible day and night.

The frame is made of metal, which gives the display some substance and will last longer than a plastic frame. This item is meant to be hung by rope, wire, or nails (two steel eyelets provided) and does not stand up on its own. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor displays.