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GU10 Base LED Spot Lamp, 120v


White LED Spot Lamp GU10 Base
White LED Spot Lamp GU10 Bipin Twist-In Base, operates in the range of 100-240v ac. Uses 2.5 watts. Use in today's popular track- and spot-lighting fixtures.

The only Long-life LED bulb with adjustable beam angle on the market!

Uses at least 80% less electricity than incandescent or halogen bulbs and lasts years longer!

Anticipated bulb life, 100,000 hours.

Ours are unique to all others offered for several reasons. Specs: 1. variable voltage range: 100-240v ac 2. powerful, 2.5 watts (yet 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs) 3. adjustable beam angle. Most other Reflector bulbs have a fixed beam angle, such as 20 degrees. If you want a wider beam angle, you have to buy a different bulb. But with ours, you simply install a different diffuser. Each bulb can have any of the following beam angles (in degrees): 2, 4, 8, 16, 25, 50, and 80. Plus, two cat eye styles. 4. Color temperature adjustment. The typical white LED is approx 6500 degrees Kelvin, which is what most people call a bluish white. We have warming filters available which will warm a white light to 4500K or 3800K, thus giving a yellowish tone to the light. 5. Our bulbs have virtually no heat at the face, so fire hazard is virtually eliminated. 6. Estimated life of 100,000 hours 7. White, Red, Green, Blue, Amber colors available (see other listings) 8. Indoor/outdoor use in appropriate fixtures (bulb should not be directly exposed to the elements) 9. Many base styles available: E27, E17, Bayonet, GU10, MR16 (see other listings) It is important to know that LED lights will not be suitable for all applications. If you need a lot of intense light over a wide area, a single LED lamp will not be sufficient. But if you need to spotlight a piece of art, or wash a wall with light or do other accent lighting, LED lamps are the obvious choice.