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LED 035

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LED Ball fun photo 003
LED Ball fun photo 003

LED Color-Changing Mood Light, Triple Set


Three Glowing LED Mood Lights with triple charging base
Choose a style or combination:
#21033 Triple Set, LED Changing-Colors Mood Light. Available with 3 Balls, 3 Hearts, 3 Teardrops, 3 Mushrooms, or 1 each of Ball, Teardrop & Mushroom. Rechargeable. Internal battery. Charger and wall adapter included. Check out the video images of this product on the Videos link.

When fully charged, the light will glow all night, making it ideal for a nightlight, romantic table light (draw everyone's eyes by bringing it to a restaurant with you!), place several by the bathtub with your candles (do not put them in the water).

The covering is translucent white rubbery plastic. When the light is turned on, an LED array inside the light glows beautifully in a peaceful cycle of slowly changing colors.

The colors gently blend from Red to Blue to Amber and all the rainbow in between. You really have to see these lights to appreciate them. Photographs do not come close to doing them justice. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

NOTE: some people have asked if these lights change with a person's mood. The answer is no. There is a computer chip inside that controls the LED lights (this doesn't mean that you can't fool your friends, though).
Similar product seen elsewhere for $69.00. You'll like the quality and value of our Mood Lights!
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