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Storage bag & reels
Storage bag & reels

Storage Reels and bag for light strings


Three reels and zipper bag provides convenient storage for your LED light strings
#92100 - Three reels and zipper bag with handles provides convenient storage for your LED light strings.

Each reel is approx. 8.5" diameter, and 2.5" wide. Holds approx. 2 strands of 100 light sets.

All three reels stack neatly together into the cylindrical storage bag. The bag closes with a double zipper.

Nylon strap handles make it easy to carry the bag.

Additional features:
* each reel has a hand grip in the center for sure handling when winding up your lights.
* each reel has a center hole in the center for freewheeling when installing your lights. Just put a pencil or dowel in the center hole and the reel will spin to make reinstallation of your lights convenient.
* reels are durable plastic, and lightweight

* Each bag has a zipper compartment on the bottom for additional storage.

as of December 26, 2006, we have only units available.