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Storage Reels for light strings
Disk Batteries--spares for your tea lights
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More Detailed Information on LED Lighting

LEDs are rapidly replacing incandescent light bulbs in a variety of high reliability applications, including traffic lights, brake lights, and emergency exit signs.

LEDs are constructed from tiny solid-state chips These chips directly convert electricity to light without the use of a filament or glass bulb. Instead, the chips are encapsulated in solid plastic that can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Since LEDs have no filament, there is nothing to burn out and no need for a breakable bulb. Without the burning filament, very little heat is produced.

The first LEDs were introduced in 60's. These LEDs came only in red. In the 70's, amber and green were introduced, along with intermediate colors such as orange. However, back then the materials used were inefficient. Over the years, LED efficiency, brightness, and lowered cost have exploded in parallel with computer components. Today, LED power efficiency surpasses that of fluorescents and compact fluorescents and is increasing, with 75% efficiency on the horizon. Compare that to the 6% efficiency of a standard incandescent.

Moreover, costs for a variety of colors have plummeted. Bright red, amber, green and intermediate colors are very respectfully priced. Blue, white, and purple were introduced in the 1990s completing a full palette of colors. However, blue, white, and purple are more expensive.

LEDs have also evolved to last much longer. Today, LED lifetimes are not specified by a time to burnout because it simply takes too long to measure. Instead, LED lifetime is specified at time when a barely noticeable loss of light occurs. This lifetime is about 100,000 hours, or more than eleven years of time. If the LED is off for any portion of time, then this lifetime increases. Conventional light bulbs are typically rated at about 1000-2000 hours or so before they burn out. But even this rating assumes that the light bulbs are not turned off and on, and that they are not jarred in any fashion.

Anyone familiar with holiday light strings is experienced with burnout.

LED Forever Bright(tm) lights are built with patent-pending circuitry to maximize efficiency. This revolutionary design concept eliminates the use of traditional components that add to cost and generate heat. In essence the circuitry allows the LEDs to flash on and off with AC power. Like a television set, the flashing occurs sixty times per second and is invisible to the eye. By flashing the LEDs on and off this way, the circuit can be made at least twice as efficient as is possible with traditional LED circuitry. Therefore, the lifetime of these bulbs is rated at 200,000 hours or more than 20 years of continuous use and much longer if just used seasonally.


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