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11" Galileo Thermometer, Clear w/gold  
Fun, Educational & Functional Thermometer uses physics, not electronics.
Item #GT572CL
Fun, Educational & Functional Thermometer uses physics, not electronics.

Great educational tool that really measures the temperature! Teach children how effective a 16th Century invention is--that electricity was not needed for even the most basic things.

Our Galileo Thermometer is very high quality. Sealed glass cylinder filled with water contains several glass "bubbles" with precision medallion weights attached to each.

As the temperature rises, the bubbles drift down to the bottom of the cylinder. Read the temperature by looking at the lowest bubble which is still floating.

The temperature is engraved on each medallion in both Celcius and Farenheit.

Height is approx. 11 inches from base to tip of cylinder. Approx. 2" in diameter. Weighs approx. 1.5 pounds.

This is made of glass and is not a toy. However, it's a fun educational tool which you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

It is even attractive and classy enough to display in an executive's office.

This model is clear colorless with clear colorless "bubbles." The medallions are gold colored, so this whole thing looks silver & gold. It's very attractive and will fit with any decor.

Primarily for indoor use. Do not expose to prolonged direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

As with all our products, your satisfaction is guaranteed!
Non-toxic fluid inside.

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