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25-Bulb C7 Blue, Green and Amber LED Light String Kit  
Interchangeable LED bulbs give you design flexibility.
#IC-500-cs Specialize your decorating by chosing the colors you want! This string consists of Blue, Green and Amber C7 bulbs. You will receive 8 Bluee, 8 Green and 9 Amber C7 bulbs. You will be able to install the bulbs in any configuration that you desire.

This heavy duty gauge wire is 18 guage and made to resist moisture and sunlight. Most home light sets are 22 guage wire and most commercial wire is 20 guage. The wiring is specially made with UV inhibitors mixed right in to help slow down the aging process, which will help you to enjoy your special set for years to come. The bulbs are made out of shatterproof material, therefore you won't be replacing broken bulbs throughout the season. This set comes with 25 gaskets designed to keep moisture out and keeps the bulb securely in the socket.

These lights sets will save you up to 95% on your electric bill. If you powered at typical incandescent C7 light string you would use 100 Watts. A set of C7 LED bulbs would only use 9 Watts. At a cost of $.08 per Kilowat hour (that's the cost here in TN!), and if you powered the lights for one month, 24 hours a day, the incandescent lights would cost you $5.76 while the LED light string would only be $0.52! That's a 91% savings in electricity!!! And that's just one string! Imagine if you are using many strings to decorate your home and yard. The savings would really add up.

**When ordering these sets, please allow up to 5 extra days when ordering.