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C6 IC RichWave Purple txt
C6 IC RichWave Purple txt



C6 100-Light Purple LED Light String RichWave  
Extra-long 100-bulb LED light string with RichWave anti-flickering technology
More Info
Item #IC401RW
Extra-long 100-bulb purple light string with RichWave anti-flickering technology. Purple color, C6 bulb shape/size (small pinecone).

If purple is an equal blend of red and blue hues, this purple leans slightly toward the red side.

Compare these extra-high-quality RichWave(tm) LED lights to what you can buy in the Big Box stores. In the photo below, the name-brand LED light set is on the left. Our RichWave LED light set is on the right.

Note how bright and consistent the RichWave colors are! And what you can't see in this photo is that the Big Box set is flickering at about 60 hertz. The RichWave set uses both halves of the electrical sine wave, thus eliminating the annoying flicker designed into lesser LED light sets.

Read about RichWave technology here.

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