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Cool White Star Full Wave


Cool White LED Stars RichWave Light String  
35 Cool White LED Stars feature FullWave anti-flickering technology

Cool White LED Stars feature RichWave anti-flickering technology.

50 LED star-shaped bulbs look like shimmering crystal! Unique 3-tier design creates a beautiful 3-D look and diffracts light most attractively. Even when not lighted, this set is beautiful!

If pure white is white as snow, these white LEDs have the slightest blue tint. To compare, incandescent "clear" sets have a slightly yellow tint.

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RichWave anti-flickering technology
35 LED Lights
Sealed bulbs to keep out moisture and prevent loosening
Environmentally-responsible minimal packaging
120v ac
less than 3 watts energy consumption
end-to-end plugs
connect up to 40 strings on one outlet
plug piggybacks
Satisfaction Guaranteed