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Unlighted Wreath Green
Unlighted Wreath Green

Lighted wreath display
Lighted wreath display

LED Lighted Wreath, Green with Red Lighted bow


150 LED mini-bulbs, Handcrafted in USA
Item #SK201L
Large 18" diameter handcrafted wreath. This item is made from Masonite wood, cut into the pattern of a wreath and Christmas bow.

The background is painted green and red, respective of their lights colors. The wreath part is green, the bow part is red. Other colors schemes available upon request.

Approx. 150 LED mini lights are inserted into the board making the most brilliant lighted wreath you have ever seen! Note the photo that is a street view of several such wreaths.

Also available with LED lights by special order.

Indoor/Outdoor use
120v ac
Hand-made in USA (Nebraska)
Hand-painted in USA (Nebraska)
The lights are made in China.
Assembled in USA (Nebraska)