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Mood Egg


Color Changing Mood Egg
#TI-578-ML - Changing-colors LED Mood Light. Cordless! Rechargable! Batteries & Charger Included! Unbreakable pliable rubber egg with LED array inside provides beautiful, peaceful, romantic lighting anywhere, anytime.

Our Mood Lights are ideal for use as nightlights, romantic table lights (draw everyone's eyes by bringing it to a restaurant with you!), and peaceful lighting by the bathtub with your candles (do not put them in the water).

Playing a game of Catch at midnight is a lot of fun when you're using our durable Mood Lights.

LED Mood Light comes with a/c adapter, charging stand. Fully-charged batteries allow for up to 6 hours light before returning for recharge.

The colors in this LED ball blend from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink then back to red. The lights do not blink! They blend from one color to the next.

You really have to see these lights to appreciate them. Photographs do not come close to doing them justice. YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED!

NOTE: some people have asked if these lights change with a person's mood. The answer is no. There is a computer chip inside that controls the LED lights (this doesn't mean that you can't fool your friends, though).